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The census that Tabitha inscated we have approx 827 residents, based on:

Odd numbered side of West Newton
Pembroke St
West Brookline St
Bordering sections of Warren Ave and Tremont St
The section of West Canton between Warren Ave and Columbus
Columbus Square


Business Alliance list of associations: http://www.southendbusiness.com/content/residents/associations.asp
Eight Streets: http://www.eightstreets.org/
- Blog: http://eightstreets.blogspot.com/
- Eight Streets by-laws:  http://www.eightstreets.org/bylaws.html

Link to other NAs in the South End

Need page for alley paving issues:
-Public vs Private
-Paving or resurface as private
-Link to survey reults?

Rutland Sq report on taking alley public:   http://alleyfix.blogspot.com/2011/01/alley-conversion-report.html    Also see copy in our images2 folder.

Picture publishing tool;  JAlbum 9.1 for Mac

  PBNA Membership by Street and Number  (David Mooney Fall - 2011)
The Pilot Block Neighborhood Association is comprised of the residents of the following addresses:
629 – 683 Tremont St   (odd numbers only)
151 - 206 W Brookline St
81 – 141 Pembroke St
115 – 172 W Newton St*
2 - 12 Columbus Square
167 – 202 Warren Ave
184 – 198 W Canton St    (even numbers only)

* Even side W Newton residents may also consider themselves part of Rutland Sq NA: ok to vote in PBNA


General Meetings
Spring and Fall Cleanups  (need  coordinators)
Halloween  (need leaders)
Potluck   (need leaders)
Wreath Hanging and Removal    (need leaders)


Board meetings as required; typically about 90 minutes every 1-2 months
D4 Police/Crimewatch meetings - quarterly or less frequent
"DPW Forum" meetings, about 90 minutes quarterly
Zoning hearings - 1st Tues of each month, only if PBNA has a matter being discussed.

POSSIBLE ROLES OR TASKS I ENVISION  (My thoughts, not yet really vetted with the board, but could start any time if we have any volunteers!  Could be board members, or any volunteer)

Leader of a membership drive (including outreach to our newly added parts of Tremont St)
Crimewatch leader (perhaps attend D4 meetings)
Zoning/Development Leader & Committee (definitely attend Zoning hearings)
Maintenance / Repair / DPW lead  (perhaps attend DPW forum)
Member of a South-End wide association as recommended by James Alan Fox, if one is formed.
By-Laws Revision commitee